What You’ll Wish You Would Have Known About Audio Guest Books Years Ago

It would be an understatement to say that traditional guest books are “so yesterday.”


The concept dates back centuries, and Ancient Egyptians and Romans had their own versions of guest books. They became more lavish during the Middle Ages and continue to play a role in modern celebrations, official events, and other special occasions.


If you think it’s strange that guest books haven’t evolved much over the centuries, think again! Audio guest books are a fun new way to mark any special event by capturing replayable audio.


What Are Audio Guest Books?


You can think about that in two different ways.


If you’re looking for an audio guest book for sale, you’re talking about products that look like old-fashioned rotary dial phones and record your guests’ messages onto a Micro SD card. Audio guest books quickly become a fun focal point for guests to flock to, sharing authentic and heartfelt messages in a way that traditional guest books simply don’t encourage.


You can also think of an audio guest book as the collection of recordings these cool phones allow your guests to create. Depending on your special event, you can reignite old memories by listening to your guests’ messages or posting them to social media to capture the spirit of your event.


What Can You Do with an Audio Guest Book?


Audio guest books are rapidly gaining popularity, but most people who love the idea only consider them for special events that would usually have had a traditional guest book. Think weddings, engagement parties, (milestone) birthdays, or anniversaries.


Audio guest books are great for all those things but think bigger!


Wonderful things can happen if you add an audio guest book to a:


  • Fraternity or sorority house
  • Family reunion
  • Corporate event
  • Charity fundraiser
  • Cultural celebration


You can even leave an audio guestbook near the entrance to your home for guests to share random messages! You’ll end up with wacky and wonderful messages to treasure for a lifetime (or delete quickly).


Where Should You Place an Audio Guest Book?


You can put your audio guest book anywhere you like, but some of the most exciting ideas include:


  • Placing your audio guest book in an attention-grabbing spot like a reception area, the entrance, or a special table. Add signs so everyone understands how to use the audio guest book, and guests will start checking it out immediately.
  • Adding an audio guest book to a photo booth gives guests more privacy and combines their message with creative pictures.
  • Creating a mini-confessional where guests can share their most intimate thoughts (especially great for birthdays, proms, and weddings).
  • Adding a special audio guest book for the littlest guests, who will feel empowered to share their wishes before they can even read!


Where Can You Find an Audio Guest Book for Sale?


Finding an audio guestbook for sale is easier than ever! SpinPix360’s collection of unique audio guestbooks allows you to choose from a range of styles, from classic blue to industrial and from whimsical to ornate.


Our sturdy audio guest books have amazingly long battery lives and let you download your unique audio files to your computer within a few seconds. There’s something for everyone, so your guests can share their deepest feelings and well wishes in style!