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360 Photo Booth Packages

Take your photo booth business to the next level with a 360 photo booth package from SpinPix360. Our packages include options for an automatic or manual spin photo booth. All of our 360 photo booths for sale come with a free subscription to the REVOSPIN 360 app and optional free website creation! Browse our selection of 360 photo booth packages today!
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iPad Photo Booth Shells

Ensure any event is social media ready with iPad photo booth shells. Our photo booth shells are compatible with 12.9 in iPads and do not require any separate equipment to run! These iPad photo stands are easy to use and are a great addition to any 360 camera booth set up. All spinning photo booths include the option for free website creation and one month of hosting. You can learn more about our 360 photo booths for sale below. Shop our collection of iPad photo booth shells now!
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360 Photo Booth Accessories

Create an unmatched photo experience with our selection of 360 photo booth accessories! From ring light mounts to spark machines, we carry a wide variety of add-ons and accessories for our 360 photo booths. Get your accessories from SpinPix360 with fast and free shipping!
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360 Photo Booth Enclosures

Find photo booth enclosures for America’s #1 top retailer of 360 spin photo booths: SpinPix360! We carry inflatable photo booth enclosures, spiral enclosures, and 360 photo booth green screens. Order your photo booth enclosures today and receive them in 10-14 days.
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This is your sign to take your next party to the highest level! Buy the 360 photo booth for sale now!

What is the 360 photo booth?

The 360 photo booth, also known as a 360 camera booth, is an innovative experience of taking videos. Guests of all shapes and sizes just stand on an elevated platform and a moving arm rotates and captures a 360 video from all angles, thus the 360 spin! The end result is an awesome, unique, and branded content for events of any kind. This will definitely set your party apart from all the other parties. A 360 photo booth is not just a prop; it’s an experience!

Why buy a 360 spin photo booth?

Our 360 camera booth will make your ordinary birthday party into the Oscars after party or your wedding into the event of the season. With our 360 photo booth packages, guests are welcome to take unique, swift, and spinning 360 shots of themselves that will surely be the hit of your parties. Our photo booth features an exceptional technology that allows the arm attached to its stationary platform to capture a 360 view from any video camera. This unique photo booth will result in a bullet-time effect that’s shareable within seconds. This exceptional photo booth is suitable for guests of all ages, and will surely entertain kids and adults of its unique features.

How do I use a spinning photo booth?

The 360 photo booth is automatic, easy, and portable! It doesn’t matter if you’re taking it outdoors, indoors, or on any destination event, it’s durable and incredibly easy to set-up. You don’t have to be a pro to take your photo booth to the next level! No need for fancy cameras and equipment, whatever photo-taking device you have works perfectly with our 360 photo booth. Experience the fun of our photo booth with any smartphone, tablet, DSLR camera, or even a GoPro, our 360 photo booth can take its weight. All you have to do is hop on our photo booth’s platform, attach your camera, and the 360 photo booth will take the cool video for you!

Where can I use the 360 camera booth?

When you buy a 360 photo booth you create value not just for birthdays or weddings. Our 360 camera booth works great for corporate events, businesses, and marketing campaigns as well! You can personalize all the video content from this photo booth with your brand’s logo or your event’s theme and your guests will surely want to share their fun and unique 360 camera booth videos across different social media platforms. This is a rare and entertaining way to promote your brand that also leaves your guests with a memorable after-party token. Our photo booths are customizable with a variety of featured software that can result in ultra smooth video capabilities, social media integration, and even special effects through green screen. With all these options, guests will have no problem sharing their photo booth videos online. Because this is a 360 photo booth, it is easily customizable to fit any event’s theme. You can add lights or banners to the background to make the 360 videos more personalized to your needs. It’s easy and convenient!

Gone are the days of simply having a classic photo booth that prints out small photos of guests in a cramped space. When you buy a 360 photo booth for sale from SpinPix360, your parties become more interesting as well as accommodate more guests per session. Now, you get the option of having a classics photo strip printed out or a cool, innovative 360 video! With our 360 spinning photo booth, the video is on your email inbox even before you can step down the photo booth’s platform. Uploading your fun and playful 360 slow motion videos is as easy as getting your next drink from the party’s open bar. The 360 photo booth allows guests and users to enjoy countless ways to take mementos for themselves. Couples can take fun, flirty spinning videos together, kids can play around and make funny faces for their parents to enjoy, friends can gather and show off the 360 angles of their incredible outfits.

Go and buy a 360 camera booth now!

When you buy a 360 spin photo booth you give organizers, companies, and buyers the chance to upgrade their events and parties into something unforgettable and unique! The 360 photo booth will surely be the center feature of any event and will be an interactive way to entertain guests. You can turn on the audio to make your spin video even more fun, you can make your 360 videos in slow motion, you can edit your video into stop motion, or even turn it into a gif. As easy as taking a selfie on your own, you can adjust the photo booth’s arm for timing, and speed. Push your imagination’s limits and creativity. The possibilities when you buy a 360 photo booth are endless!

360 Photo Booth Key Features

The 360 photo booth’s lightest model is portable at 76 lbs. That makes it easy to set up and transport to any destination. Other 360 photo booth models are available to accommodate your party’s needs and budget.

It also accommodates users of all ages and sizes, which makes it a fun addition to any gathering.

The manual 360 photo booth also has no cords that need to be arranged and untangled, which makes it low profile and incredibly user-friendly. You can be in and out of your event in minutes!

The manual 360 photo booth is the most portable option available and is extremely easy to set up and use.

The automatic 360 photo booth model has a large 35” platform and is easily controlled by remote control.

It is an interesting addition to any event as it’s customizable to fit any event’s theme or branding.

Wheeled road case comes standard with all Deluxe Packages and provides easy transportation and superior protection of your investment.

What are you waiting for?

If you’re looking to expand and improve your events planning or party business, the profitable and wise decision is to buy a 360 photo booth. Shop now and explore our 360 camera booths for sale

Our #1 best-selling photo booth will upgrade your ordinary party into the talk of the night! Worried about the cost? Let us help you out with financing options.

Starting at $1750, all it takes is two 3-hour events to get your investment fully paid. After that, the 360 photo booth earns for you! 

So, buy a 360 photo booth now and book your first event!

This is the trendiest and most innovative photo booth available in the market. Stop thinking about it and invest now! You’ll thank us by your 5th event. 

Are you looking to buy a photobooth? Welcome to the leading photobooth retailer in California. We have a complete range of photobooths available for your event company or venue. If you're looking for a photobooth for sale, you've landed on the right webpage.

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Have you considered the value a photobooth can bring to your event venue or business? We have a range of portable photo booths and 360 photo booths available for purchase. Our photobooths offer your business the following features.

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A photo booth is ideal for existing event companies looking to add a new dimension of fun for their attendees. They're also a great choice for startups that want to offer their customers cutting-edge technology in their events business.

Why Choose Us for Your Photobooth?

If you're in need of a photo booth for sale, contact our team for assistance. We cater all businesses across California, the United States, and across the world. If you have a venue, choose or photobooths to enhance the offering at your next event.

You can expect the following benefits for your business when you decide to buy a photobooth.

Professional Quality Photos

Our iPad and 360-degree photo booths take pictures and video in full HD quality. We manufacture photobooth shells for your event space in a variety of configurations. Speak to our team, and we'll recommend the right photobooth solution for your venue.

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We have the experience you need from a photobooth manufacturer. Our industry reputation speaks for itself, and we have satisfied clients across the United States using our photo booth products. Our technicians and consultants will help you select the right photo booth for your event, and we'll train you on how to operate it properly.

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Our photo booths feature design and construction with lightweight materials and slimline designs. They're easy to set up and pack away, and you can get your photobooth ready for action in minutes. Carry your photobooths between venues and use them at different events across the state or country. Our photo booths' lightweight and portable design make them easy to move around.

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Our technical support team is available 24/7 to handle your troubleshooting and setup inquiries. Our team will get you up and running in no time and ready to handle any customer requests around your photo booth.

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We update our photobooths with the latest software upgrades at no cost to you. You get the latest tech in your photo booths and the best experience for your attendees.

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iPad Photo Booths and Photo Booth Shells

The iPad changed the game when it came to portable electronics. Our iPad photobooths are compatible with a range of tablets and produce amazing shots. We have photo booth shells for sale, allowing you to add your device and save on startup expenses for your company.

Check out our iPad photo booth for sale and the shell designs available for your venue or business. We'll help you with recommendations if you need assistance choosing the right solution.

Browse Our Selection of Portable Photo Booths and Shells

We have photo booth shells available for your iPad. Give your photo booth a solid foundation with our products designed to fit all 12.9” iPad Pro models. You get a professional fleet of photo booths for large rentals and activations. If you're looking for a photo booth for sale, is a premium quality photo booth manufacturer with the solutions you need for your business.

Create Moments that Matter with a Photobooth at Your Event

From a 360-degree unit to a portable photo booth for sale, we have products that help your guests, attendees, and customer create moments that matter in their lives. Create experiences and build relationships with a photo booth at your event.

Give your attendees and customers more than a simple photo. Give them a visual experience where they can alter the setting, filter the shot, and share it with friends. Our photo booths let your guests capture their experience at your venue.

Build Your Photobooth Business with Us offers you photo booth solutions for your business. We have a range of iPad Photo booths and 360-degree photo booths that suit any event venue. Reach out to our sales team, and we'll discuss your venue and event details and make a recommendation on the right photo booth for you.

Find a photobooth for sale on our website, and we'll ensure you get the best technology, complete training, and phenomenal customer service at an affordable price. Contact us through our website portal to inquire about your photo booth options.

Spinpix360 Photo booth FAQ

Q: Does Spinpix360 rent photo booths?
A: No, we don't rent photo booths. We're a retailer, and we can help you with installations at your venue or assist you with the equipment you need to start your photo booth business.

Q: Do you have financing options available for my photo booth?
A: Yes, we offer you financing for your photobooths. Contact our sales team for more information. We'll work out a deal that benefits your business and your customers. Financing is subject to our terms and conditions.

Q: Do you offer photo booth accessories for my installation?
A: Yes, SpinPix360 offers you sharing stations, vinyl logo decals for your business, and a range of accessories to enhance the photo booth experience. Speak to pour sales team for more information.

Q: Can I share photos directly from the photo booth to my social media accounts?
A: Yes, our photo booths allow you to share your pictures with your friends and family on your social media accounts, all with the press of a button. Share your memories and create moments that matter in your life.