360 Photo Booth Accessories

Looking to enhance your 360 photo booth enclosures experience? View our 360 photo booth packages and purchase event and party photo booth accessories that will look great from every angle! In our collection, we offer ring light mounts to ensure video brightness with no pixelation, professional surround lights, and more! Elevate your event and allow guests to have fun and take professional-quality photos with our 360 photo booth accessories.

360 Photo Booth Accessories to Suit Your Needs

Nothing complements rotating photo booths better than 360 photo booth accessories from SpinPix360. We have you covered with all the must-have extras that will put your 360 photo booth experience over the top.

If you want 360 photo booth accessories that deliver performance and quality, look no further than SpinPix360. We offer the components you need to complete your 360 photo booth business. Your guests will party in style when you use accessories from SpinPix360.

Brighten the Atmosphere With the Right Lighting

Our fantastic range of 360 photo booth accessories includes several types of lighting. Our collection features ring lights that double as phone or camera mounts. They offer a stepless dimming range and are bi-color adjustable.

You can also take advantage of our professional surround lights that change color. Offering an adjustable height of 65 to 78 inches, they come with a multi-function remote.

Or, get the best of both worlds with our light package for 360 photo booths, which includes one ring light with a mount and four professional lights.

You'll also want to check out our LED light with an iPad bracket. Professional-quality photos are a snap when you use our lighting options.

360 Photo Booth Enclosures for the Win

Once you have your 360 photo booth, you'll want to pair it with an enclosure to give your guests the ultimate luxe photo experience. We have a wide assortment of enclosures featuring LED lights, including:

  • Inflatable enclosures
  • Square enclosures
  • Round enclosures
  • Spiral enclosures

We also offer a green screen model with a diameter of eight feet. Whatever your choice, you can't go wrong with 360 photo booth enclosures from SpinPix360. All of our options let your guests and their friends create memories that will last a lifetime.

Take a Stand With our iPad Sharing Station and TV Stand

Your selection of 360 photo booth accessories wouldn't be complete without an iPad sharing station. Our iPad stand features your custom logo and color background printed on stretch fabric.

You'll love our portable TV and iPad stand combo, which lets you mirror the sharing station on a television screen. Allow your guests to share their amazing 360 photo booth experiences with our iPad stand.

iPad Photo Booth Shells for Added Convenience

Add easy revenue to your business with an unattended photo booth. Our photo booth shells will make money while you run your 360 photo booth.

Give Your 360 Photo Booth Some Extra Pizazz

Our popular 360 photo booth accessories include some eye-popping options, like a set of four LED silk fire flame machines. The effect gives your rotating photo booth a special ambiance.

We also offer cold spark machines for that wow factor everyone loves with 360 photo booths.

Other Must-Have 360 Photo Booth Accessories

Don't be at the mercy of the power sources at various venues. Take your own portable power station with you and always be ready for any situation.

We also offer 360 photo booth accessories like:

  • A soft case and metal dolly for RA-6 and OA-6 models
  • Arm upgrades
  • Logo animations

Buy Your 360 Photo Booth Accessories From SpinPix360

We have the 360 photo booth accessories you need to make your rotating photo booth business a success. The items you want are in stock and ready to go. Put your money to good use and check out our great lineup of products.