360 Spin Photo Booths For Sale

All 360 photo booths come with a:

360 Photo Booth App Deals and Discounts

 Optional Free Website Creation and 1 month of hosting from Party Vendor Websites ($750 Value) Terms and Conditions

Get the full experience when you order a manual or automatic 360 spin photo booth. These circular-shaped spinning platforms will allow you to take professional-quality videos and capture every angle. Our 360 photo booth will be a hit at your next event as guests share excitement and laughs while taking photos. Each of our rotating photo booth options is high-quality and spin all 360-degrees. Order a 360 degree photo booth online and get it custom made and delivered in 2-7 days. Shop our collection of 360 photo booth enclosures and accessories to create the full experience!

Capture Every Angle With a 360 Photo Booth

The 360 booth is taking events and parties by storm! Traditional photo booths are fun, but they can't show the whole picture. A 360 photo booth creates a video using a camera mounted on a revolving arm that just begs to be shared on social media platforms. From popping champagne bottles to dazzling dance moves, the 360 camera photo booth's ultra-smooth video capabilities catch it all!

But that's not all! Software is included that creates custom overlays, slow motion, boomerang and many other video effects that can be applied to the video created.

If you are looking for a 360 booth for sale, SpinPix360 is your best choice in Los Angeles and beyond, thanks to our amazing customer service, affordable financing options and free shipping within the contiguous US.

Types of 360 Photo Booths

We offer two types of 360 photo booths for sale: manual and automatic. Both video booth units are proudly made in the USA. Set up and tear down are easy, so you can spend more time on running your booth.

Manual 360 Booth

The manual spin 360 camera photo booth is perfect for situations where you don't have access to a power source or don't want an electrical cord to get in the way. Users simply spin the arm with their hand, and the 360 photo booth does the rest.

We have a manual 360 booth for sale for every budget, thanks to it being available in two sizes: 27" and 35".

Automatic 360 Booth

The automatic spin 360 photo booth is a fully automated unit with a remote control that adjusts the speed, including slow-motion video, in addition to turning the unit on and off. A power source is required for the automatic models. If a power outlet isn't available, an optional power pack is available so you can set up virtually anywhere.

Both styles of SpinPix360 360 photo booths come with a heavy-duty road case with wheels, so they are easy to transport to and from your venue.

Sharing the 360 Photo Booth Experience

Once your guests see the videos that are captured by the 360 camera photo booth , they immediately want to share.

A cool sharing station is the perfect addition to your 360 degree photo booth set up to make posting video content on social platforms incredibly easy for your event guests.

Vinyl logo decals are available for the 360 photo booth for branding opportunities for corporate events and personalization can be added for weddings and other parties.

Give your customers the engaging, social experience they want with a 360 photo booth and accessories from SpinPix360.

FAQs About 360 Photo Booths

If you are thinking about transforming your photography or party business with a 360 photo booth, here are answers to some of our most common questions. If you don't find what you're looking for, send us a message, chat online or give us a call, and one of our reps will assist you.

How Many People Fit in a 360 Camera Photo Booth?

Most of our 360 booth models can accommodate up to four or five people with a max weight of 800 lbs. You can choose the RM-4 manual spin 27" 360 photo boothfor a smaller footprint that holds up to three people and 600 lbs.

How Can I Attach My Equipment to the 360 Booth?

The 360-degree photo booth can accommodate phones, DSLR cameras, GoPros and tablets. There is a threaded screw for cameras and GoPros and adjustable mounts for other equipment.

What Else Do I Need For My 360 Photo Booth Setup?

Enhance the lighting at your venue with enhanced illumination options:

  • Basic Setup
    A SpinPix360 ring light ensures proper lighting of the guests and helps avoid pixelation of the video.
  • Upgraded Setup
    The 360 Photo Booth Light Package includes four professional surround lights on stands AND a ring light.

Do You Offer a Backdrop or Enclosure for SpinPix360 360 Photo Booths?

Yes, we have multiple styles of 360 booth enclosures. We even offer an inflatable 360 booth enclosure with colorful LED lights inside that sets up in minutes for the ultimate experience. You can choose to add custom branding, too.

Order Your 360 Photo Booth Now

What is the best way to create a memorable event? A 360 booth adds incomparable excitement to weddings, corporate events, formals, birthday parties and more! We offer the best professional 360 booths for sale online — shop now to take your business to the next level with SpinPix360.

Think Outside the Booth With a 360 Booth From SpinPix360

Our 360 camera photo booth creates not only memories but also an experience that your guests will never forget! Our best-selling 360-degree photo booth provides ROI after just two three-hour events. Watch your profits grow when you add a 360 photo booth set up to your event or business.