5 Prop Ideas For Your Photo Booth

5 Prop Ideas for Your Photo Booth

Are you organizing a birthday party, high school reunion, or wedding? Are you running a festival or corporate event? There’s no doubt that a photo booth will be an instant hit with your guests.


The crazy and creative photos guests take at your event may serve as a personal memento. However, it’s more likely that your guests will share their pictures on social media, making photo booths a great promotional tool if you want to attract a bigger audience.


Photo booths may be super trendy right now, but let’s face it — they’re nothing new. People may not have been taking selfies when the first automated photography booth was invented in the late 19th century, but they were definitely doing it in the 1990s in old-school passport photo booths. “Selfie machines” have been popular for at least 20 years now.


If you really want to make things interesting for your guests, that means that the race to add unique and creative props is on. Sunglasses and wigs won’t cut it in 2023! Do you have your photo booth setup ready? Try these fresh prop ideas for your photo booth to make sure your guests share the photos they take at your party or event across social media platforms!


  1. Small Accessories for Your Photo Booth


Allowing your party guests to play dress-up at your photo booth only adds to the fun of the experience. Besides classics that include mustaches on sticks, a selection of fun hats, and sunglasses, you may also want to invest in these fun but cheap accessories:


  • A pageant-style crown and sash that allows guests to imagine themselves as beauty queens.
  • Foam weapons like swords, battle axes, and guns.
  • Feather boas to add a glamorous look.
  • Classic red clown noses for those who are happy to show they don’t take themselves seriously.
  • Stuffed animals.
  • A chalkboard or dry-erase board to write messages on.
  • Inflatable beach balls and floaties.
  • Flowers.
  • Eye patches and pirate hats.
  • Superhero costumes in various sizes.
  • Fake cocktails.


Do you want to go a step further? You can also add small accessories that perfectly fit into the theme of your event to your photo booth. Think walkers and reading glasses for 20-year high-school reunions (everyone’s getting old) or hearts and Cupid’s arrows at weddings.


If you’re setting up a photo booth at a business event, like the opening of your new restaurant, consider adding props like paper burgers or unique lobster masks.


  1. A Makeup Station


Photo booth props don’t have to be limited to paper sunglasses and hats. Are you planning to set up a photo booth at an event where people might not already be dressed up to the nines? Most women and some men would enjoy the opportunity to have their makeup done for free — and face paint is sure to be a hit at children’s birthday parties! A makeup station immediately makes your photo booth more visible as guests crowd around it.


  1. Picture Frames


Add a selection of classic, funky, and modern picture frames to your photo booth to allow party guests to frame themselves as they take selfies. You’ll often be able to find old photo frames at thrift  stores or estate sales, so make good use of your time if you’re still in the planning stage. Are you in a hurry? Don’t worry! You’ll be able to find a cool selection of second-hand picture frames quickly and cheaply.


  1. Cardboard Cutouts


Cinema-style paper cutouts of celebrities might be cheesy, but it’s all part of the photo booth experience. Why stop there? Cardboard cutouts don’t have to be limited to stars. They can also include cartoon characters, weapons, plants, dolls, food, emojis, famous buildings and statues, planets, and more.


  1. Giant Googly Eyes


Do you want to allow your party guests to turn themselves into real-life emojis or give them a chance to look as silly as possible? Google (no pun intended!) giant googly eyes to get your hands on another cool photo booth prop that your guests might not have come across before.


The Photo Booth Experience Is All About Fun!


People flock to photo booths because they crave a fun experience that will set them up with a permanent reminder of an event they enjoyed. Do you already know you want a photo booth at your special event or your next festival? Don’t limit yourself to tried-and-trusted ideas that have become classics at photo booths — and think outside of the box!


Once you have your photo booth setup ready, allow yourself to be inspired by the nature of your event and anything that happens to catch your eye. Photo booths range from goofy to classically elegant, and the final result lies squarely within your guests’ hands.


Event organizers can contribute to successful photo booth setups by giving their guests plenty of smaller and larger accessories to play around with. They can also invest in photo booth backdrops with metal frames to take the experience to the next level. These boards give your guests the background they need to create an experience that’s truly shareable on social media. Do you want your guests’ friends to know exactly where they went? Consider splashing your logo across the backdrop.


You can also add a cold spark machine to offer a safe pyrotechnics experience your guests won’t forget, especially at proms, Christmas parties, or weddings.


The photo booth experience is meant to be fun — party guests like to play around with quick transformations that give them a permanent reminder of the fun they had. Place yourself in their shoes if you’re determined to come up with unique and successful photo booth prop ideas that don’t have to be expensive.


Are you promoting a live event that’s set to unfold over the course of several days? An iPad sharing station is a photo booth “prop” that’s guaranteed to draw more guests to your event, as users will be itching to share their experience on social media.