Photo Booth Prop Ideas that Make People Laugh

Photo Booth Prop Ideas that Make People Laugh

While photo booths have been around for decades, in recent years, they’ve become super-trendy again. No longer are they those imposing little boxes that are tucked in the corners of movie theatres and arcades, or placed in random locations on boardwalks. Modern photo booths have been revamped for the 21st century, making them a lot more interactive, attention-grabbing, and just plain fun. 

In addition to the standard photo booth setup, which entails a boxy-like structure that users sit inside and snap photos of themselves, there are several new, innovative photo booths available today. Options include: 

  • Open air photo booths. As the name suggests, this type of photo booth is completely opened. There isn’t a booth, so-to-speak; rather, they feature a background that users stand in front of while they snap pictures. The benefit of an open-air photo booth is that they are less imposing and restrictive, and they offer more room, which means that users can spread out and more users can get in on the action. 
  • 360 selfie booths. These photo  booths feature platforms, which users stand on, and a video camera spans around them, capturing moving images, creating 360 degree images. The benefit of this type of photo booth is that users can see themselves from all angles, which would be ideal in situations when individuals would want to see the entirety of outfits, such as wedding or prom attire, for example. 
  • Mirror photo booths. A mirror photo booth is similar to an open-air photo booth in that it is wide-open; in other words, it isn’t in a booth. Users stand in front of a mirror, which is equipped with a camera. This allows users to see themselves before then snap their photos, allowing them to get the perfect pose. 
  • Social media photo booths. Social media photo booths allows users to instantly share the images they capture to their social media profiles. 

Photo booths have become popular marketing tools, with business of all shapes and sizes and across all industries using them in their marketing strategies. They create a highly interactive experience, allowing businesses to really engage with their targeted audience and create a memorable experience. Photo booth marketing is also a great way to boost brand awareness, reach a larger audience, drive sales, and increase the success of a business. Photo booths are also being used by everyday people for a wide range of events and purposes; for example, they’ve become an extremely popular element at weddings, as well as proms, graduations, galas, award ceremonies, and various other kinds of big events.

No matter the reason, if you’re planning on using a photo booth, there’s no doubt that you want users to have the most enjoyable experience possible. One of the best ways to do that is by offering props that users can incorporate into their photos, creating a more fun and interactive experience, and more memorable photos. There are literally endless photo booth prop ideas; in fact, when it comes to photo booth props, the only limit is your imagination. With that said, however, of all the different kinds of props, those that seem to be the most popular are props that make people laugh. Silly props that get people giggling not only help to break the ice and encourage users to let loose a bit, but they also allow for happier images, as users tend to giggle and show their true smiles when their photos are captured. 

Whether you’re using a photo booth as part of your marketing strategy or you’re going to be including a photo booth at your wedding, if you want to offer props that will get people laughing, here are a few great ideas to consider incorporating. 

Kissing Booth Props

Turn your photo booth into a kissing booth with props that people can use to simulate the old-time kissing booth imagery. Props can include signs that read “do not disturb” and “kiss me”, umbrellas that couples can kind of pretend that they’re hiding behind while they’re smoothing, cutouts of two birds with the word “love” printed on one and “birds” printed on the other, bouquets of artificial flowers, images of puckered lips attached to wooden dowels, and on and on. These props are sure to get people giggling – and will be sure to capture some great images. 

Gangster Props

Gangster props are sure to get people laughing.  Cut out mustaches in a few different shapes, sizes, colors, and styles, and affix them to wooden dowels. Users can choose the mustache of their choice and hold it up to their face with the dowel. Consider incorporating other props that would work with mustaches, too, such as bowler hats, vests, pocket watches, toy guns, money bags, etc. The images we’re visualizing that can be captured with these props mimic those old-time photos that are commonly taken at amusement parks and tourist towns. 

An Old Window and Dry Erase Markers

If you really want to get people laughing, try this innovative prop idea. Set out some old windows in different shapes and sizes, as well as a collection of dry erase markers. Your audience can use the dry erase markers to draw on the window and then stand behind the window while they’re having their pictures snapped. This prop idea gives people a chance to really share their creativity and to just let loose and have a good time. Examples of images that might be drawn on the window include oversized moustaches and beards, top hats, big noses, sticking-out tongues, and even silly statements, phrases, and hashtags. Don’t forget to include a few erasers or cloths so that users can wipe off the images they draw on the window. 


Candy would make a great prop for a photo booth, too! After all, who doesn’t like candy! There’s a reason why that saying, “like a kid in a candy shop” exists. Set out a large collection of candies; a variety of both real and plastic candies would be ideal. Oversized lollipops, bubble gum, licorice ropes, dots, bowls of jelly beans, and cotton candy are just some of the different types of candies that you might consider incorporating. These props will add vibrant pops of color to the images and will be sure to get people smiling.