Should You Buy a 360 Photo Booth?

Are you an events, photography, or photo booth professional? What do you know about 360 Photo Booths? This new craze is sweeping the world, and you need to capitalize on this trend.

Choosing to buy a 360 photo booth could be one of the best investments you ever make in your business.


What Is a 360 Photo Booth?

The 360 photo booth, also known as a 360 camera booth, is an innovation worth looking into for your business. This tech changed the entertainment landscape, creating a different dynamic for events, conferences, and even backyard birthday parties.

A 360 photo booth creates more engagement at events, giving attendees an immersive experience they can remember forever. Event organizers are always on the lookout for new ways to improve the event experience for attendees, regardless of the size or context of the affair.

So, what is a 360 photo booth, and how does it work?

This amazing piece of tech uses a rotating camera mounted to a wheel swivel. The camera allows the user to experience a paparazzi-style photo op, integrating photo images, video, GIFs, and even slow-motion effects.

The 360 photo booth gives users an experience that's very different from snapping a selfie on their cellphone. They get a mesmerizing, enveloping, high-quality photo adventure that's unlike anything they ever thought possible.


Why are 360 Photo Booths so Popular?

There are several reasons why 360 photo booths are gaining popularity at events around the world.


Easy Setup

Buy a 360 photo booth and set it up in minutes at any event. The 360 photo booth comes as a complete unit, including an all-in-one easy setup.

Users can snap a selfie or a portrait, and they can use the booth to shoot short videos. A 360 photo booth adds a different dynamic to any event, increasing levels of engagement and activity.

Loads of Fun!

Events are about cutting loose and having fun. A 360 photo booth adds excitement, making users feel like a celebrity under the spotlight.

Event organizers can use a 360 photo booth to create a paparazzi-style vibe, attracting the crowd's attention while adding value to the scene. Users strike their favorite pose and revel in the attention of the limelight.

A Different Photo-op Experience

A 360-degree photo booth offers an entirely different experience from your traditional booth. There's no need to set up multiple cameras at different angles; the 360-degree camera provides complete coverage of the venue.

The camera mounts to a spinning wheel on a swivel base, creating a 360-degree motion that freezes the shot in all directions around the camera. The user gets a 360-degree photo experience without ever having to adjust the camera angle.


Wrapping Up – 360 Photo Booths Make Excellent Business Opportunities

Choosing to buy a 360 photo booth for your business makes for an excellent investment in your equipment. You'll take more bookings and get plenty of referrals from each event.

As a bonus, hiring out your 360 photo booth is far more profitable than a standard model. Rental prices can be up to three or four times the cost of a traditional booth, netting you more income from every event.