Top Reasons Why 360 Photo Booths are Here to Stay

Top Reasons Why 360 Photo Booths are Here to Stay

Photo booths sure have come a long way from those small, closed-in, claustrophobic, dark, boxy booths. Nowadays, photo booths are equipped with the most advanced features, including some pretty revolutionary technologies. There are several different types of photo booths out there, and one that’s really making waves is the 360 photo booth. 

What makes the 360 spin booth stand out from the crows is that rather than featuring a booth or a standard backdrop, they’re equipped with a moveable arm mount and slow-motion software. The arm features a camera and spins it around a platform. Participants stand on the platform, and thus, the camera spins around the participants, capturing them from every angle. This type of photo booth features slow-motion software captures super-smooth videos. 

Needless to say, given the set-up and technology that a 360 photo booth offers, it’s easy to see why they’re all the rage these days. From weddings to class reunions, and from proms to corporate events; they are literally being used virtually everywhere and anywhere you can think of. That said, if you are hosting an event and you’re thinking about using a photo booth, you should absolutely consider going with a 360 booth. They really have taken the photo booth industry by storm and they’re definitely here to stay. Below, we highlight some of the top reasons why the 360  photo booth has made such big waves and why it isn’t going anywhere any time soon. 

It Makes Guests Feel Like They’re Part of the Event

Capturing the interest of your audience and keeping them entertained is an absolute must, and one of the best ways to achieve both of those goals is by making sure that they’re incorporated into the activities that are going on at the event. Your guests will feel like they are more engaged with the event when they’re having quality pictures taken of them that will help them remember the moment. A 360 degree photo booth can absolutely help to achieve this. 

A 360 photo booth is outfitted with features that are intended to promote interaction and entertainment, thus ensuring that participants get the most out of their time taking photos during the event. 

It Features Social Media Sharing

Another major plus that 360 photo booths offer is that they are equipped with instant social media sharing options. Unless you’re living under a rock, you know that social media is an absolute must, not only for marketing, but for communication. That said, 360 photo booths are equipped with software that allows the images that are captured to be instantly shared on social media platforms. This feature will absolutely help to attract the attention of event attendees and will encourage them to participate. Why? Well, because what social media user wouldn’t want to share the amazing 360 degree images that they’ve had taken of them instantly to their social media profiles? 

They Boost Publicity

Consumers like to get to know the businesses they are going to be working with, and that includes seeing what type of business the company has done in the past. When consumers are familiar with your past work, not only are they more inclined to do business with you, but they are more inclined to spread the word about your business and recommend it to the people that they know. A 360 degree photo booth is a highly effective tool that can be used to display your previous work and spread the word about your business. The type of publicity that a 360 photo booth offers really is quite incredible. 

All-in-One Setup

A 360 degree photo booth offers more than a conventional photo booth. This modern-take on a photo booth provides an all-around experience and helps you gain access to an array of amazing features that you can use for your events. A lot of companies that use modern strategies in their planning have started investing in 360 photo booth software. In fact, many major event planning companies know the benefits that using these kinds of all-encompassing features offer, and thus, have made them a central component of their strategy.

They’re Flexible

Of all the different types of photo booths, 360 degree photo booths are arguably the more flexible. There are many different platforms to choose from, which gives you the ability to offer your guests the right platform for their party. The sizes of the platform vary, ranging usually from 27 inches on the small side, which can accommodate 1 to 2 people, and 45 inches on the large size, which can comfortably accommodate 6 to 7 people at a time. This flexibility means that event planners can choose the right option that will best suit their individual needs. 

They’re dependable. The software, technology, and hardware that top-brand 360 degree photo booths offer make them highly dependable. You can depend on these photo booths to capture excellent high-quality images, which will not only impress event attendees, but will also help to increase the visibility and reputation of your business. Why the latter? Well, because the better the images, the more likely participants will be to share them with others, and the more the images are shared, the more attention your event or company will receive. 

They’re affordable. Another major reason why 360 degree photo booths are here to stay is because, when compared to other types of photo booths, they are quite economical. When you consider the marketing power that they offer and how they can promote engagement in your event, boost your visibility, increase brand awareness, and improve reputation, when you compare the price of renting a 360 degree photo booth to how much money these photo booths can help you bring in, you’ll quickly see that the cost off-sets in the end and that it is very affordable.