Why 360 Photo Booth Rentals are Totally Worth It

Why 360 Photo Booth Rentals are Totally Worth It

We don’t have to tell you that photo booths are all the rage these days. If you’ve been to any type of event lately, there’s no doubt you’ve seen them – and you’ve probably used them, too! In fact, if you’ve hosted an event yourself, chances are you’ve used a photo booth for your event yourself. 

There are loads of good reasons why photo booths have become so popular; examples include the images they take make for great favors, they can be fantastic marketing tools, they attract lots of attention, and they’re just plain fun. There are lots of different types of photo booths, and one of the most innovative is the 360 photo booth. These photo booths are really taking the event industry by storm. If you’re hosting a wedding, a trade show, a class reunion, a family reunion, a prom, a corporate event, or any other affair, if you’re planning on using a photo booth, you should absolutely consider going with a 360 degree photo booth. 

What is a 360 photo booth? What benefits does it offer? Why should you use one? To find the answers to these questions, keep on reading. 

What is a 360 Photo Booth? 

A 360 degree photo booth, as the name suggests, is a photo booth that captures 360 degree images. They feature a platform in the center (which can vary in size) that participants stand on. A movable arm that has a camera attached to the end of it spins around the platform, capturing slow-motion images from every angle. The end result is a 360 degree image. 360 degree photo booths are great for all types of events, but particularly events where attendees are dressed to impress and might want to show off their attire – a wedding or prom, for example – or where activities are taking place that people would want to see from all angles, such as a trade show; however, they can be used for any kind of event. 

If you’re planning an event, here’s a look at some of the top reasons why you incorporating a 360 photo booth rental would totally be worth it. 

It’s Interactive

Without a doubt, one of the biggest benefits of a 360 photo booth is that it is interactive. They get attendees of an event up and interacting with one another or with the activities that are going on at the event itself. For example, if you’re showing off a product at a trade show, a 360 photo booth is a great way to get trade show attendees to interact with the product and capture images of themselves during the interaction. 

They’re Unique and Fun

While all photo booths are fun, a 360 photo booth offers another dimension to that fun because they are super unique. Unlike other types of photo booths, which only capture one or a handful of angles, a 360 degree photo booth captures images from all angles. The uniqueness of being able to see angles all around definitely adds to the fun of the experience that this type of photo booth provides. 

They’re Great for Groups of All Sizes

Whether you have a small gathering of people or a large group, a 360 photo booth can be used to capture images of all sizes. The platforms that are designed for people to stand on are available in a wide range of sizes, with options that can accommodate 1 to 2 people and options that offer enough space to comfortably accommodate 7 to 8 people. You’ll really be able to meet the needs of the attendees of your event with a 360 photo booth. 

They’re Great for All Kinds of Events

Another reason why a 360 photo booth is a great option is because it’s good for all kinds of events. Weddings, family reunions, graduations, birthday parties, bachelor and bachelorette parties, bridal or baby showers, family reunions, corporate events, fundraisers, galas, and so much more; capturing 360 degree images is great for all types of occasions. 

They’re Affordable

With such high-tech features, one might think that rending a 360 degree photo booth would be pricey; however, in reality, they’re actually quite affordable. This is especially true when you consider all of the benefits that this type of photo booth provides. There are lots of great deals to be found on rental packages that will include everything for your event, too, which further adds to the affordability. 

They’re Easy to Use

At first glance, 360 photo booths might seem overwhelming and imposing. That’s totally understandable, as that moveable arm is really high-tech looking. For individuals who aren’t tech-savvy, they can be a bit foreboding. In reality, however, they’re actually quite easy to use. From the set up to capturing and sending images, high-quality 360 photo booths are designed in such a way so that they are easy to use, making it possible for anyone of any skill level to take unique photos. 

They Produce Great Photos

The photos that a 360 photo booth will produce are of the utmost quality. You will have the ability to print out the images and frame them as a keepsake, or the images can be shared online with friends and family via email or social media. The quality of the images is great, as is the 360 degree vantage point. 

They Double as Décor

One of the coolest things about a 360 photo booth is that it doesn’t actually look like a photo booth at all. The setup can be customized to meet the theme of your event, which means that they can really become a part of your décor. In fact, the stall of a 360 photo both looks like décor in and of itself, which means that it will only add to the interest of your event; another major plus. 

All-in-One Setup

A 360 photo booth isn’t just another photo booth. It offers the option for you to give your guests or attendees an all-around experience. It offers a futuristic experience, which further enhances its appeal.