Classic Telephone Style Audio Guest Book (Pink)
Classic Telephone Style Audio Guest Book (Pink)
Classic Telephone Style Audio Guest Book (Pink)
Classic Telephone Style Audio Guest Book (Pink)

Classic Telephone Style Audio Guest Book (Pink)

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The Audio Guest Book phone is not only sturdy, but it also fits a variety of themes, decors, and set up for many events and occasions. You can choose from different colors and designs to fit the theme of weddings, birthdays, baptisms, and parties. This versatile guest book phone is easy to set up and accessorize, and can be placed on a table top with additional floral arrangements, balloons, and props to make it more inviting for guests.

In addition to its vintage-style appearance and functionality, makes it the perfect addition to any photo booth or party decor. Its classic design and functionality make it easy to use, and it functions as both a guest book and a phone.

Overall, the Audio Guest Book Phone from Spinpix360 is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to capture memories and preserve them in a unique and vintage way. With its elegant appearance, reliable functionality, and versatile design, it is sure to be a hit at any event or occasion.

Specifications and Material:

  • Vintage-style Audio Guest Book Phone
  • Made with high-quality and durable materials
  • Compact size: 9.4”x8.7”x5.1”
  • 8GB Micro SD card included
  • Easy to use, with classic design and functionality
  • Ideal for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, or retirement parties
  • Perfect for anyone who appreciates vintage and retro items
  • Compact size, making it the perfect addition to any photo booth or party decor.
  • Rechargeable through Micro USB port
  • 8-hour typical battery life with normal event usage

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